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The City of Reykjavík is offering rental properties at Gufunes, Bryggjuhverfi and Skerjafjörður for interesting creative projects. A little over 9,000 m2 are available, which are to be used as part of the city‘s initiative in response to the economic difficulties arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. The properties are at present not in use, or about to become vacant.

See here for further details of the properties available for rent:

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Who is eligible for the properties?

In the selection process the emphasis will be on creative enterprises, building up and fostering new forms of enterprise and social projects. The intention is that the activities will be in harmony with their surroundings, and imbue them with life. Filmmaking has been a growing activity at Gufunes in recent years, and other artistic enterprises have also become established there. A City of Reykjavík working party will assess the applications and select partners. The City reserves the right to enter into collaboration with any applicant, based on the working party‘s assessment, or to reject all of them.  

What is the condition of the properties?

The buildings in question are of various kinds, and in variable condition. They will be handed over as they are. The City will not contribute funding to improvements to the properties, and all improvements made by tenants will become the property of the City at the expiry of the contract. Interested parties are advised to carefully examine the advantages and faults of the properties before an application is made.

For how long will the properties be leased?

The idea behind this project is to advertise for short-term tenants while the relevant zones are in the process of planning and development; this process is seen as taking some years. As a rule, rental agreements are to be made for an indefinite period, while both parties will have a right to terminate the agreement at three months‘ notice. Shorter- or longer-term leases will also be a possibility.

What will the rental be?

Applicants are required to propose a rental, and duration of lease, in the application. These will be considered by the City‘s working party.

How do I apply?

The closing date for applications was 22 June 2020.

Where can I find more detailed information on the properties?

See here for further details of the properties available for rent:

Where can I send enquiries?

Please send your enquiries to or call the City of Reykjavík call centre, tel. 411 11 11.  

Answers to questions   

Answers to questions which have relevance for all applicants will be published on this website.

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