Prevention and policy

Department of Education and Youth works systematically to prevent bullying in pre-schools. Emphasis is on the welfare and progress of every child in a healthy, safe and stimulating environment where learning and playing is based on democratic values. Children should thereby acquire skills in democratic methods, dialogue and decision making.

In pre-school efforts are made to help children build a positive self-image, social and communicating skills, and to nurture mutual trust between parents, staff and children.

There is a board of parents in every preschool. Parents are encouraged to participate actively in the upbringing and education of their children. 

Bullying involves a child not being accepted by another child or a group of children and involves aggressive behaviour. Bullying and violence is not accepted in preschools. Actions are systematically taken to prevent it, including the program Vinsamlegt samfélag aimed at school staff.

What is bullying?

Bullying involves a child / person being assaulted repetitively by one or a group:

  • teasing or gesture,
  • verbal attacks and rumors
  • oppression and intimidation of various kinds,
  • social rejection or systematic exclusion.

If a child is being bullied the child may quickly show signs of insecurity, fear, loneliness and anxiety. Bullying is defined as violence with lasting effects.

Where can you turn to if your child is being bullied?

If a parent is suspicious that their child is being bullied it should be taken seriously and acted upon. Also if parents have received information about bullying from their school or after school centre they should take it seriously and respond accordingly. If you fear that your child might be involved in bullying contact your school principle or the parent’s consultant at the City's Department of Education and Youth. 

You can contact the parents consultant by telephone 4 11 11 11 or e-mail