The Child Protection Services in Reykjavík are run by the Welfare department.  It works under the Child Protection Act which states that all children have the same rights and equal value. All children have the right to a safe and secure environment and to be protected against all forms of exploitation, abuse, harassment and discrimination.

Suspicion that a child is being abused

If you suspect a child is being abused and want to report it, you can turn to Child Protection Services in Reykjavík, Borgartúni 12-14, phone:  4 11 11 11, e-mail:

It is also possible to send report  through the web to child protection services when there is reason to believe or suspect that a child is living in unacceptable conditions, is being harassed, abused or their health and development is in danger. Also when there is reason to believe that the behaviour of a person who works with children is inappropriate.

There is a duty of notification by the public and those who, due to their position and work are involved in matters concerning children. It is Child protections task to sort out the situation and determine what support or protection the child may need. You can be anonymous but the best for further investigation is if you give your name. If you are unsure whether notification should be made, you can consult anonymously without disclosing details of any children involved.

Child care responds every day, around the clock if necessary, outside office hours one can call the emergency line 112 concerning notifications reception.