Reykjavík runs 36 compulsory schools, including two schools for children with special needs. The Department of Education and Youth also supervises seven private compulsory schools. The number of students is approx. 14.000 from 6-15 years of age. The mission is to ensure the well-being of every student, consistent advancement and a good education and upbringing for lifetime achievement. 

The law concerning compulsory education stipulates that education shall be mandatory for all children from 6 to 16 years, including special education, and that children have a priority to their local school. Parents may also apply for another public or private school for their child. Registration is electronic through My pages.


Which school is for my child?

Legal domicile determines at which local school the child should be registered. Nevertheless, all parents have the choice to apply for any other school in the city.

By clicking on the city neighbourhoods below you can find a list of schools in each of them. Under each school is a list of streets belonging to the school district.

Compulsory schools in Árbæ.

Compulsory schools in Breiðholti.

Compulsory schools in Grafarholti and Úlfarsárdalur.

Compulsory schools in Grafarvogur.

Compulsory schools in Háaleiti and Bústaðir.

Compulsory schools in Hlíðum.

Compulsory schools in Kjalarnes.

Compulsory schools in Laugardal.

Compulsory schools in the City Center.

Compulsory schools in Vesturbæ.

How to apply for compulsory school?

You apply for school through My pages. Students must be of primary school age, i.e. 6-15 years. Children must begin school the year that they are turning 6 years of age. No attached data is required with the submitted application but key information about the student is needed. 

Once the application has been made electronically it is sent to the school and guardians/parents receive a confirmation on My Pages. The school also confirms the admission through My pages.

All children have a priority at the school in their neighbourhood. Parents may choose another school in the city. If older students in district schools change schools the school principle must be notified. You can find applications for school transfer on My pages (e-Reykjavik).

How to apply for transfer between schools?

You can apply for a school transfer through My pages or by contacting the relevant school. This does however not apply for private schools and special schools. 

How to apply for school admission in another municipality?

You need to submit a special application form, which you find on My pages. Such application must be delivered before April 1st. If the application is approved the City of Reykjavik will pay for the school to the municipality in which the student is studying. 

Information for parents on compulsory schools in Reykjavik

Questions and / or comments

You may send questions and complaints to the Department of Education and Youth, Borgartúni 12-14, 105 Reykjavik. Phone: 4 11 11 11 E-mail: