The service policy for disabled people is individualized.  The services are wholistic and flexible and based on the acceptance of the Convention of the rights of people with disabilities (UN) and collaboration with interest groups, for example the Red Cross and others.

The city provides personal group homes, halfway homes, special support services, day services, home service, short break homes for children, support families for disabled children, counselling and other support services for disabled people and their families.

Disabled people can apply for travel service if needed. An individual can have up to 60 trips provided each month and it is possible to apply for more if needed. Most trips are between home and work, day service or school, but also to leisure activities.

The service is individualized so the best thing is for each and everyone to turn to your municipal service centre and have consultation about your rights. 

Please turn to your municipal service centre to learn more about the service provided to disabled people.