Preschool is the first step in the Icelandic educational system and children can be registered to preschool in the year they turn two years old. Compulsory school is obligatory for all children at the age of 6-16 years old. 

The City´s Department of Education and Youth provide children and families in the city comprehensive service and contribute to the continuity of all the work that aims to ensure the welfare of children and youngsters. The aim is to provide children and youngster the best possible opportunities for play, education and recreational activities in cooperation with families and the local community.


The guiding light in education and recreational work is to ensure the well being of all children and youngsters in the city, their constantly advance, good upbringing and education for life and work.

The working program is focused on five key reform elements in education and recreational work:
  1. Lingual expression and reading
  2. Vocational, technical and creative skills
  3. Democracy, equality and human rights
  4. Multiculturalism
  5. Quality and professionalism
It is expected that each preschool, compulsory school and recreational centre sets its own objectives and action plan based on these five element. 

How to apply for pre-school? 
You apply through as soon as your child has got a personal identification number. You can get assistance to fill out the application form at the City´s service centres or the main service office at Borgartún 12 - 14, 105 Reykjavík. telf: 4 11 11 11.

How to apply for compulsory school and after school program? 
You apply for children 6 - 15 years through Rafrænni Reykjavik. 

In the City of Reykjavik there are: 

  • 63 pre-schools with appr. 6.000 children from 18 months to 5 years of age and 17 independent pre-schools with 1.000 children. Around 700 children from 6-18 months of age stay with 200 home-daycare individuals.

  • 36 elementary schools with 14.008 students from 6-15 years of age, and 7 independent elementary schools with 660 students.

  • 5 schools where pre-school, elementary school and/or after-school programs are combined.

  • 39 after-school centres and 6 leisure clubs for around 4.100 children.

  • 21 youth centres with 115.000 attendances yearly.

  • 4 school bands where 460 students learn to play an instrument

  • Adult Education Center where around 120 individuals over 16 years of age receive education and 600 seek guidance counselling every year.

  • We support 2.500 students in 18 music schools.

  • We have about 1.732 full-time pre-school and compulsory school teachers positions, out of total 4.000 full-time positions.

  • 80% of the staff are women.

For further information contact the Department of Education and Youth via email