The City has a service contract with eighteen private music schools in the city and operates four school bands. Music schools are privately operated but receive official funding. By using the Leisure card you can get a discount on school fees.


All applications for courses in music in Reykjavik go through My pages (e-Reykjavik) in case of school bands and private music schools.  

Music schools

Each music school has its own price list. Further information on the music schools homepages.

School bands

Reykjavík operates four school-bands in the city quarters; Vesturbær - City centre, Austurbær, Árbæ, Breiðholti and Grafarvogur.
The main objective with music lessons in school bands is to give all students equal opportunity to musical learning and support their ability to create music and to enjoy it.

Over four hundred students learn and practise with the school bands. The bands play on many occasions related to school activities in the quarters. 

You can use the childs Leisure Card to facilitate learning in the school band and for discount on school fees.

Vesturbær school band / Skólahljómsveit Vesturbæjar.
Grafarvogur school band / Skólahljómsveit Grafarvogs.
Austurbær school band / Skólahljómsveit Austurbæjar.
Árbær and Breiðholt school band / Skólahljómsveit Árbæjar og Breiðholts.