Concerted efforts are made to strengthen parental consultation and participation in all activities in preschool. In every school there is a council of parents and parents association.

Parent councils are annually consulted on policies and the working program for preschool and the City´s budget is based on this work.

According to the law on preschool (2008) there should be a council of parents in every preschool. The school principle initiates an annual election to the council in September where at least three representatives from the parents group take seat for a year.

The council discusses and gives a feedback about the curriculum and other plans and activities in the school. Also, it monitors the implementation of the school´s curriculum and programs and keeps parents informed. The council has a say in all major changes in pre-school.

Information for parents

The parental web is available in various languages with Google translate.

The brochure Welcome to a partnership regarding your preschool child is available in various languages:


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