Reykjavik City operates 63 preschools with 6.000 children from 18 months to 5 years of age. It also oversees 17 private preschools with 1.000 children. 

The mission is to create a healthy and safe environment for children, give them an opportunity to grow emotionally and physically and have as happy a childhood as possible.

Every preschool carve out a pedagogical niche with focus on specific ideology or projects, as for example reading and writing, mathematics, philosophy, nature and the environment.

Reykjavik City subsidizes preschool fees as well as the placement of children in day care.


Who is entitled to the service?

It is a condition for preschool registration that the child has a legal and permanent residence in Reykjavik City. It is also required that the parents are not in debt with the city in payment of preschool fees.  

How to apply for preschool?

You can apply for pre-school through You can get help to fill out the application at the city's service centres as well as in the municipal service centre in Borgartún 12 - 14, 105 Reykjavík. Phone: 4 11 11 11.

You can apply for pre-school on the day of birth of a child or as soon the child has a registered ID-number (kennitala). The child is registered on a waiting list for pre-school at the age of one year and ranked on the list by date of birth.

Parents may apply for more than one pre-school for their child. After applying you should receive a confirmation letter. Children are admitted to pre-school based on age and registration, oldest first. The same applies for independently operated pre-schools.

How much does preschool cost?

Preeschool fees.

Discount on preschool fees

Discount is given due to various reasons. Single parents, students and disabled people may apply for a discount. A discount is also given due to child sickness and for siblings.

How to apply for a discount?

You can download a discount application form for single parents with preschool and other rates through 

Preschool meals

At pre-schools children receive breakfast, lunch and a mid-afternoon refreshment. All meals are included in pre-school fees. The focus is on serving healthy food as instructed by the Directorate of Health. It is important to inform the pre-school about any food intolerance, allergies or food that the child may not eat due to religious beliefs. You confirm your child´s special needs regarding food when you sign the contract for your child´s placement. 

Priority to preschool

You may apply for priority registration to preschool when there are special circumstances. Applications shall be submitted on a specific form. A child with priority may for instance begin pre-school at  twelve months of age.

Applications for priority are for; 

  1. Children who have reached the age of 4-5 years.
  2. Disabled children and children with serious developmental problems. Certificates from recognized specialists are required.
  3. Children living under unsanitary social conditions.
    a) Child protection. The application must include a certificate from social welfare.
    b) Serious illness or serious disability in the child's family. A certificate from a doctor or other medical professional must be submitted.
    c) Children of parents under 18 years of age.
    d) Children of single parents providing three or more children no older than 9 years.
    e) Triplets.
  4. Employees in pre-schools may apply for priority on a specific application with a confirmation from the principle.

Transferring between pre-schools

Parents may request a transfer to another pre-school by filling out an application on or by contacting the preschool principle. Parents should apply in good time and note that transfers between schools take place from June-September. 

Changing attendance time

You may change your childs attendance time in pre-school via Changes are based on the 1st or 15th of the month.


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