All elementary schools can offer students support in case of specific learning difficulties, emotional or social difficulties or disabilities. However there are two schools in Reykjavík which are designed only for students with special needs.

Elementary schools receive financial allocation for children with disabilities and serious disorders on basis of analysis or diagnosis. 

Special classes in regular schools

Five special classes for children with autism are in the city´s elementary schools for students aged 6 - 16 years. 6-9 students are in each class.
You can find further information on these special classes on the websites of the schools.

Special class for autism is Foldaskóli.
Special class for autism in Háaleitisskóli.
Special class for autism is Langholtsskóli.
Special class for autism is Fellaskóli.
Special class for autism is Vogaskóli.
Special division In Hlíðaskóli for deaf and hearing impaired students.

Application for admission to special class for students with autism

The application must include analytical data and report from preschool or elementary school as appropriate. Applications should be delivered before March 15th each year.


Klettaskóli is for students with intellectual disabilities. The school is for students with:

  • moderate, severe and profound intellectual disabilities with or without additional handicap;
  • mild intellectual disabilities and defined additional disability, such as autism, blindness, deafness and severe disability;
  • Participating Class is a specialized educational program under the supervision of Klettaskóli. Such class is based in another elementary school, education is guided by experts in Klettaskóli and students take part in ordinary school work and society. 


Brúarskóli serves students in 4th - 10th grade. The school is for students:

  • with severe mental and emotional distress and social- and behavioral problems;
  • those who are in trouble because of drug use and / or criminal offenses.

How to apply for admission in Klettaskóli?

Parents who intend to admit their child in Klettaskóli are to apply before March 1st.  Diagnostic data and reports from preschool or elementary school should be included with the application. A committee of experts makes recommendations for admiddion to the school on basis of every application and diagnostic data. 

You can apply electronically for admission in Klettaskóli on the school website.

How to apply for admission in Brúarskóli?

Admission to Brúarskóli is always a temporary measure, for 1 or 2 semesters, with the aim to make students more able to attend public school. Parents who intend to apply for admission can find the application for on the schools website.

Application for admission to Brúarskóli.

Questions and / or comments

For further information, contact the school's principal at Klettaskóli or Brúarskóli and Hrund Logadóttir, expert in special education at The Department of Education and Youth, phone 4 11 11 11.

Reykjavik City also runs two special schools, Klettaskóli and Brúarskóli. Klettaskóli serves students with developmental disabilities and Brúarskóli students with severe mental, emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. Both schools serves the entire country.