Special education is provided in public and private pre-schools on basis of a diagnose or analysis by a specialist. The mission is to ensure equal educational opportunities for all children regardless of physical and mental abilities.

Who is entitled to the service?

Children with disabilities or emotional or social problems are entitled to support or special teaching under the guidance of experts.

How to apply?

The pre-school principle applies for allocation to special support or education. All applications must be based on analysis from a specialist. 

Counseling on special education

Various counseling is available for parents on support and special education in pre-school. The counseling may be directed to pre-school staff or with participation of consultants from the city´s municipal service centres.
Parents can get general consultation on special support or education at the city´s service centres free of charge. The counseling is confidential.

Specialized schools

Three pre-schools; Múlaborg, Sólborg and Suðurborg are specialized in working with children with disabilities. They also provide counseling to other pre-schools.
Múlaborg is specialized in meeting the needs of children with various disabilities, preferably motor and multiple disabilities. The school is specialized in stimulating language and expression, f.ex. with PCS images and symbols of speech.
Sólborg has specialized in education of children with hearing loss or deafness and children who have undergone cochlear implant. The school's mission is to create a bilingual language environment where learning takes place in Icelandic and sign language, as well as they get hearing training.
Suðurborg is specialized in autistic children.


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