Summer programmes are available in all neighbourhoods from school end in June until school starts in August. The emphasis is on creative and enjoyable work and play, primarily outdoors.  

The city's recreational centres offer summer programmes that include courses at after school centres for children aged 6-9 years. They also offer workshops for 10-12 year olds and social activities for 13-16 year olds in social centres. In Siglunes in Nauthólsvík there are sailing courses and Reykjavik Park and Zoo offers courses about domestic animals. Vinnuskolinn offers young people part time work during the summer vacation.

How much does a summer programme cost?

You pay weekly for summer programmes including occupation from 9 to 16. You can buy extra care between 8 to 9 and / or 16 to 17.  A fee is charged for each workshop for 10-12 years. Usually they last for 2-6 hours. Summer schedules for teenagers in social centres are usually free of charge, unless it includes travel og material cost.  You pay for each course at Siglunes and Reykjavík Family Park and Zoo. See price list for summer programmes. For further information go to the web

How do you apply for a summer programme? 

Registration is through My pages. Registration usually begins around the first day of summer each year. You should receive information about the programmes for elementary students by email.

If you can not register electronically, you can turn to the recreational centre or the service centre in your quarter. It is not possible to enrol children to summer programmes by telephone.

For whom are the summer programmes?

Summer programs are for children and teens aged 6-16 years (those finishing 1st - 10th grade). Hitt húsið also offers summer jobs for 16 years old youngsters or older.

Questions and / or comments

You can make inquiries to the Department of Education and Youth, Borgartún 12-14, 105 Reykjavik. Phone: 4 11 11 11,  E-mail:

In the beginning of summer each year you should be able to get information on various summer programmes for children and youngsters on the web There you can find all programmes offered by the city, sports unions and various associations.