Reykjavík City runs seven public thermal pools (sundlaugar) which are heated with geothermal water and are part of the city's policy of encouraging public sports and healthy lifestyle. The pools offer steam baths, saunas, hot tubs and jacuzzis. Much is done to ensure safety of guests and all staff receive regular training and instructions on safety-related issues.
Most of the swimming pools are outdoors. They are open all year round and offer a unique spa-like experience. The pools are heated to about 28° and have several hot tubs to choose from, at various temperatures, ranging from 38°C up to around 45°C.  Most thermal baths have steam rooms, and some also have a dry Finnish sauna and cold water tubs to cool down after exercise and saunas.
During weekdays the pools are used for swimming exercises for primary school children as swimming lessons are mandatory in Iceland. In the early morning regulars frequent the thermal baths where they discuss all matters of the universe in the hot tubs. The same goes for the evening hours when people come to wind down after work. 
Experience pure thermal energy and take a dip in one of Reykjavík's many thermal pools and spas! Not only a great source of natural therapy but an important part of our culture and a tonic for the body and mind! Whether you go for a swim, take a healing soak in a hot tub, or enjoy a thermal steam bath, you will leave feeling relaxed and re-energized.