The Department of Welfare is responsible for the City of Reykjavík’s welfare service, including child welfare. This includes policymaking in the field of welfare, planning, coordination and integration in welfare service, supervision and assessment of the results and development of new procedures. The department works with the Welfare Committee and the Child Protection Committee. The department operates nursing homes, housing solutions and rehabilitation initiatives and is responsible for comprehensive prevention work. It also runs the six municipal service centres that serve citizens in the ten neighbourhoods of Reykjavík.
The Department of Welfare operates six Municipal service centres in the districts of the city. The Municipal service centres offer services to individuals and families, grant specialist services to schools, advise about leisure activities and provide general information on the operations of the City of Reykjavík.
The Reykjavik Welfare Department is responsible for the city‘s welfare services, including social services, child protection, services to children and families, disabled people, senior citizens, immigrants and homeless people. 
The aim of the Municipal Service Centres is, on the one hand, to provide information and advice about social entitlements and, on the other hand, to provide support in cases of social or personal problems.
The consultants at the Municipal service centres provide information about entitlements/services, consultation and support. Consultants may also provide information about other service options, as well as directing people to the resources that are suitable for each case.
Social advisory services include consultation for cases of:
Housing problems
Financial problems
Senior citizens
Immigration issues
Issues regarding children and youngsters
Family problems
Substance abuse
Municipal service centres are open from 8:30 to 16:00 on business days.
The department also runs serviced flats for the elderly and 17 community centres in the city operate under the auspices of the community service centres. The community centres are meant for the residents of Reykjavík of all ages, although they are mostly frequented by senior citizens.


Address:  The Welfare Department , Borgartúni 12-14, 105 Reykjavík. Phonenumber: 411 111111 e-mail:


The  Welfare's Department guiding lights are Respect, Participation and Welfare.


The Welfare Department emphasizes supporting people to help themselves in the spirit of respect and equality so that they can live their lives with dignity. People have a right to social support in times of need, based on simple, clear and transparent rules. Interaction and cooperation between residents and staff are characterized by mutual respect and trust.


The Welfare Department emphasizes helping people participate in society with the aim of improving the quality of their lives and increasing their wellbeing. The residents are encouraged to participate in definition, organization and policy-making concerning the services, on their own terms, with the mutual aim of benefitting society.


The Welfare Department takes a leading role in discussion about matters of welfare and the quality of life of the citizens and works resolutely against poverty. This involves being alert to the needs of the residents. The social capital of the city needs to be enhanced to promote welfare on the basis of mutual help, cooperation and solidarity. The Welfare Department strives to strengthen families and individuals through instruction, support, follow-up and rehabilitation when appropriate.