Youth Centres are retreats operated by the city, where children and teens aged 10-16 can spend time after school in creative, constructive and rewarding work. The city operates 24 youth centres in connection and cooperation with elementary schools. Opening hours depend on the school day and school semester.

The mission is to promote positive development of children and teens, helping them to become more independent – both in actions and social interaction – and making them more able to face up to life’s challenges.


In every youth centre there is a council of youngsters who shape the programme and projects to work on. The members of the council are also spokesmen for the children and teens. Important aspects of the work is prevention in terms of tobacco, achohol, drugs and bullying and emphasis is on building up self esteem, strong identity and a healthy lifestyle.

Emphasis is placed on reaching teens in need of social support and to offer diverse projects and challenges. The kids work in clubs, specific groups, open and specific projects.

Programmes are based on youth-democracy to ensure the interaction and influence of all. 

For whom is the service?

The service is for 10-16 year old children and teenagers.


All children and teens aged 10-16 years can participate. 

How much does the service cost?

All service in youth centres for 10-16 years old is free during opening hours but there is a minimum charge for organized events and entertainment. 

Questions and/or comments

You can make inquiries / complaints to the leader of the youth centre, the director of the recreational centre or to the Department of Education and Youth at Borgartún 12-14, 105 Reykjavik. Phone: 4 11 11 11 E-mail:

List of Youth Centres (Félagsmiðstöðvar)

101 - Miðborg
103 - Laugardalur
105 - Hlíðar
107 - Vesturbær
108 - Bústaðir & Háaleiti
109 & 111 - Breiðholt
110 - Árbær
112 - Grafarvogur
113 - Grafarholt & Úlfarsárdalur
116 - Kjalarnes