Parental support and participation in education is vital for the child's school performance and well being. Student welfare is founded on good cooperation between parents and the school. In accordance to the law, there shall be a school board with parents representation in every school as well as a parents association.

Parental cooperation

The objective of parental cooperation is to secure the interests of students with mutual information and consultation between parents and school. It is in the benefit of the child to find mutual trust and respect between the adults at home and in the school as well as consistency of values ​​and expectations.

Parents can search for assistance and support at service centres in resolving educational problems, and consult with teaching counsellors and psychologists. 

You can also find information on parental cooperation and educational support on the Parental Web (in Icelandic).

School boards and parents associations

The law on compulsory school states that a school board has to operate in every school, a consulting platform for principals and the school community. Also stated by law is that a parent association should operate in every school. The parent association supports school work, works for the welfare of students and strong connections between home and school. Parents' associations have also formed the federations SAMFOK and there is also a National parents organisation named Heimili og skóli

Consultant in parental cooperation 

The Department for Education and Youth employs a counsellor on parental cooperation and coperation between parents and schools. Héðinn Pétursson can be contacted by e-mail and telephone. 4 11 11 11.

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