School meals are available in all compulsory schools in Reykjavík. However you need to apply for them as they are not entirely free but subsidized by the city.  Some schools serve free porridge and milk for breakfast in the morning. 

What kind of meals are served? 

The emphasis is on healthy food as instructed by the National Directorate of Health.

How much is paid for the service?

A school meal costs 440 kronor. A monthly subscription covers 20 meals and cost 7.100 kronor, no charge in June and August. Parents only pay school meals for two children, others enjoy 100% discount.

How to apply for school meal subscription?

You registrate for a subscription on My pages.

Questions and / or comments

You can submit a question, comment or complaint to The Department of Education and Youth, Borgartúni 12-14, 105 Reykjavik. Phone: 4 11 11 11 E-mail: