All parents who have legal residency in Reykjavík will receive a ISK 50.000 subsidy per child for their children's practice fees, aged 6-18 years This subsidy is called the Leisure Activities Card (Frístundakortið) and is designed to encourage participation of children and youngsters in recreational activities regardless of socio- or economic background. 

Why is it a good thing for a child to take part in recreational activities?

Studies have shown that children involved in organized recreational activities are less likely to become involved in antisocial behaviour and/or become socially isolated. 
With active participation, children will adapt more easily into new communities, learn the language and make new friends. In addition, their self esteem and self image will improve. Children with a healthy sense of self-worth are happier and cope well with everyday life. 
More than 100 various different types of organizations are associated with the Leisure Activities Card, i.e. sporting clubs, dance schools, youth organizations and music schools. This makes it easy for everyone to find something to their liking.

How can I utilize the Leisure Activities Card?

Start by registering your child into a leisure activity, i.e. sporting club, music school etc., which is a member of the Leisure Activities Card Club. That member will then register the child with My pages/Mínar síður. Once a child is registered the grant may be placed accordingly to subsidize the fees by the guardian.