After school centres are operated in every elementary school in the city. They serve  6-9 year olds with diverse spare time activities after the school day ends.

After school centres stress the development of social skills in interaction through play and work, as well as self-respect and respect towards others and one’s environment. The programmes seek to implement democratic work procedures, increasing children’s ability to form independent views and impact their environment and circumstances. Serving children with special needs is organised separately by each after-school programme in cooperation with parents, school and experts.

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List of after school centres

110 - Árbær
109 - 111 - Breiðholt
113 - Grafarholt & Úlfarsárdalur
112 - Grafarvogur
105 - Hlíðar
108 - Hááleiti & Bústaðir
116 - Kjalarnes
103 - Laugardalur
101 - Miðborg
107 - Vesturbær

When are after school centres open?

The after school centres are open from school end until 17:00 every day. On specific parents days, working days for staff and Christmas and Easter holidays the centres are open from 8:00 unless otherwise stated. Special registration is required for placement durings those days. After school centres are closed during winter vacations.

In the summertime after school centres are open throughout the day, see the program on

Who is entitled to the service?

The service at after school centres is for 6-9 year old children registered in elementary school and children in 1st - 10th grade in Klettaskóli which is a school for children with special needs.

The youngest children who are starting school have a priority for a placement.

How much does the service cost?

See tariffs for after school program. 

Discount for siblings

If two or more siblings are registered to an after school centre the second child is granted 75% discount, the third and fourth child will get 100% discount. It is a condition that all siblings have the same legal domicile and family number in the national register. Parents pay full fees for afternoon meals for all the children.

From January 1st. 2015 a sibling discount is granted between day care providers, preschools and after school centres so that parents can get a 50% discount of after school fees if they have other children in preschool or in day care. 

Prolonged placement

If you need the service of an after school centre from 8:00 to 13:30 on parents days, staff days or during Christmas and Easter holidays the tariff is 1.850 kr. per day. 

How to apply for the service?

Registration for after school centres opens in February through My pages. Parents will receive a comfirmation of registration in August. Please inform if any changes occur regarding information required in the registration form.  

If parents can not register electronically, they can get an assistance in the city's municipal service centres. Registering by telephone is not possible.

What are the children learning? 

After schools centres have varied programmes and activities in organized and open game. The aim is always to offer entertaining and creative challanges.  The centres cooperate with many partners in the neighbourhood, such as sport clubs.

Good to keep in mind. . .

Application and registration is valid for one school year at a time (August to June). If the service is terminated, or if changes are requested, it should be done before the 15th of each month. You can terminate the service electronically or by a written notification to the leader of the after school centre. 

Questions and/or comments

You can seek further information at next recreational center or service center or by calling the city's service center tel. 4 11 11 11. You can also send questions and comments to

In their activities, they are guided by the principle that each individual should be able to come into one’s own and develop in an environment defined by warmth, security and respect.